As a former Ventura County Deputy District Attorney, Douglas Ridley is highly knowledgeable in criminal law. His expertise and over a decade of legal insight allow his clients to trust that he will fight for them. Spending five years as a district attorney enabled him to learn how a case progresses throughout the legal process. With that position, he was required to gather all statements and evidence for a case in order to build a solid case against the criminally accused. Insight and practice from those years of service afforded him a significant advantage in fighting for his clients rights. Providing dedicated and understanding legal aid when you need it most, our entire legal team is prepared to create a solid defense on your behalf. We have successfully achieved positive case results including reductions in DUI charges, rehabilitation instead of jail time, and more!

From my first contact with Brian at Doug's office I knew I found the right attorney. What starts right ends right and Brian paved the way for Doug and Michelle who came in and fought for me tirelessly. Doug is patient and understanding and Michelle is the same way! I don't know what other way to describe it than to say it feels like they are fighting for you but even more so that they are fighting with you. You are on the same side. I love that nobody ever once told me what I wanted to hear - they told me what I needed to hear. Bad or good. You just know whatever they are telling you is exactly what's happening. I passed my situation to Doug, Michelle and Brian and as crazy as it sounds hardly thought of it again. They are all wonderful and work so hard! If you are considering using them - stop considering! They are an answered prayer.

Emily N.

Ridley Defense has been nothing short of exceptional while working with them. The relentless desire to achieve the best for me and my outcomes is superior. My highest recommendations to anyone who is looking for a team of professionals that will succeed and surpass your expectations. Ridley defense has produced all positive outcomes for me when I believed there would be no such results in my case. There is no need to look around when the answer is right in front of you, Ridley defense is who you want on your side and on your team!

Joey S.

I highly recommend the entire team at the Law Offices of Douglas H Ridley! They provide incredible insight and develop fantastic strategies to benefit their clients tremendously. They handle cases with care, confidentiality, and precision. Even really good people make mistakes sometimes. In those times, good people absolutely deserve to have the highly sophisticated advocates at the Ridley Defense on their side!

Tom M.

The Law office of Douglas H. Ridley is amazing!! Wish I could give him 10 stars! They really care about each and every one of their clients. Doug and his team helped reduce my DUI tremendously. I am very happy with the results after such a scary experience. Michelle was always there for me if I had any questions or concerns. Thank you Doug and Michelle wouldn't be able to do it without you! :)


Doug is an excellent lawyer. His work ethic is extraordinary. Doug has a unique ability to communicate with a listener. Whether it be a jury or a judge, Doug is effective in convincing his listener to see it his way. Whenever one of my clients needs an expert in criminal law and superior representation in a criminal matter, I make sure they call Doug.

Russ E. - Fellow Attorney