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Facing criminal accusations can be both frightening and confusing for the accused. If you have found yourself in this situation, it is imperative that you not deal with your criminal charge on your own. Highly knowledgeable regarding Ventura County legal practices, Simi Valley criminal defense attorney, Douglas Ridley, knows that you need qualified representation no matter what your offense. Providing each client with personal attention and individualized case defenses, he is dedicated to achieving the best possible verdict.

Having experience as a former Ventura County Deputy District Attorney for five years, he knows both sides of the judicial system. With a lawyer who knows what the prosecution will try to prove and how they may attempt to do so, you could be at a great advantage. For over 13 years, Attorney Ridley has relentlessly investigated and prepared thousands of cases for clients not only in Simi Valley, but throughout the Ventura County area. Knowing that an arrest can happen any time of day or night, he has made himself available to take your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Just a little over 30 miles from downtown Los Angeles, the quaint city of Simi Valley is known for its family friendly atmosphere and beautiful scenery. Located in the Southeast portion of Ventura County, right next to the San Fernando Valley, it was incorporated and acknowledged by California state government in 1969. According to some historical records, the valley was originally inhabited by a tribe of Indians by the name of "Shimiji," which the city was later named after. It is the third largest city out of the ten cities in Ventura County and as of 2011, just over 126,000 people call Simi Valley their home.

Compared to the rest of the state, Simi Valley has a low crime rate coming in at 64 on the crime index, with 100 being the safest. In 2010, the violent crime rate was lower than the rest of the nation by 73.75%, while the property crime rate was lower by 38.33%. Theft and larceny charges came in as the most frequent crime at 1,687 incidents, comprising more than half of the total crime hitting 2,325 incidents.

Besides local police, there are auxiliary service units that help to keep the city as safe as possible, including the Crime Prevention Unit. They help to inform residents regarding Neighborhood Watch programs, home security measures, topics regarding crime prevention and how to avoid vehicle burglaries. With well over 100 police officers manning a city that is only 42 square miles big, the streets are almost always being watched for suspicious activity. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the city is very aware of potential criminal activity and always on guard, people can get easily be wrongfully accused. If you have been charged with anything from a DUI to theft, drug crimes to reckless driving; do not hesitate to obtain the legal defense of a Simi Valley criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Ridley will be compassionate and understanding towards your situation, never presupposing anything and always seeking to protect your future.


No matter how complicated your charges may be, there is nothing too difficult for Ventura County criminal defense attorney, Douglas Ridley, to handle. In the past, he has achieved rehabilitation instead of jail time for a client accused of theft, and gotten a DUI charge reduced to reckless driving. He is known for his kind demeanor with his clients, always treating them with the upmost respect. This quality paired with his aggressive defense in and out of the courtroom is what makes Attorney Douglas Ridley such a prominent force in his field.

Making himself available 24/7, he is both accessible and approachable to all potential and current clients. We understand the need for obtaining the best legal representation in Simi Valley; allow us to show you what we can do on your behalf. Putting you first, you can trust that our firm will do everything in our power to get you the results you both need and deserve to preserve your future and your freedoms. Contact us today at (805) 918-6080 for a free consultation or feel free to fill out our free case evaluation form today. There is absolutely no risk involved and it will remain completely confidential.


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