Traffic Offenses

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California has the highest rate of vehicle traffic in the nation by far. As found in statistics provided by RITA, the Research and Innovative Technology Administration, there were 23,680,643 licensed drivers in California in 2009 - 54% higher than Texas, which had the second highest number of licensed drivers at 15,374,063. With such a high number of vehicles on the road, there also comes a high rate of traffic offenses. More than 16 million citations were issued in California in 2007 alone.


Most of the offenses in these statistics were infractions, which are punishable by a fee, points on your driving record, and possibly by driver's license suspension and traffic school. Speeding, failure to stop or yield, parking violations, and "fix it" tickets are all common traffic infractions. There are other traffic violations, however, which are considered felonies and could result in harsher penalties.

A common example of a misdemeanor offense is driving under the influence or "DUI." In aggravated circumstances, however, such as when the intoxicated driver causes an accident involving injury or death, the offense could escalate to vehicular manslaughter and incur a jail or prison sentence.

Reckless driving is also a misdemeanor, though it too could become more serious if injury results from the violation. If you have been charged with committing any kind of traffic offense - whether it is an infraction, a misdemeanor, or a felony - get skilled legal defense right away by contacting a Ventura County criminal defense attorney from Ridley Defense.


Our firm has practiced criminal defense in California for 13 years and we have handled thousands of defense cases, including traffic offenses. With our capable representation, you could protect your driving record and avoid license suspension, fines, and even time in jail. Call today to schedule your free case evaluation and discuss what could be done to reduce or dismiss your traffic charges.