Prostitution And Solicitation


When people think of sex crimes, they usually think of major felonies such as rape or sexual assault. Not all sexual offenses, however, are felonies. There are some offenses that are misdemeanors and are penalized by fines and/or jail sentences instead of state prison. Nevertheless, these charges deserve to be fought just as much as felonies if the alleged offender has been wrongfully accused. Two of the most common sex crime misdemeanors are prostitution and solicitation. California Penal Code § 647(b) states that anyone who solicits or agrees to engage in any act of prostitution is guilty of a misdemeanor. This applies to someone who solicits or agrees to engage in sexual acts in exchange for money, or someone who offers or agrees to pay someone in exchange for sexual acts.


If you have been accused of prostitution or solicitation, defense strategies may be available. For example, agreeing to engage in sexual acts without monetary compensation is not prostitution or solicitation. If nothing was given in exchange and the act was out of pure consent, no conviction can be made. Hire a criminal defense attorney right away to start building your defense and fight your false charges. You should not have to pay the penalty for prostitution or solicitation if your actions were completely voluntary.


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