Medical Marijuana

Ventura County and Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Lawyer

Medical marijuana lawyers in the Conejo Valley and Los Angeles County, not to mention medical marijuana users, are beginning to have to contend with increasingly complex laws regarding the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes. After being listed as a Schedule I controlled substance by Congress in 1972, medical marijuana was decriminalized in California by the 1996 Compassionate Use Act. However, California still prosecutes illegal use of marijuana heavily. If you've been arrested on medical marijuana charges, it's important that you choose a medical marijuana lawyer with experience as a drug possession lawyer in addition to knowledge of medical marijuana law.

Your medical marijuana lawyer will assess your case based on a variety of factors - not least of which is whether you have a medical marijuana card. Even if you don't, any drug lawyers can tell you that as of SB 1449, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana is a civil infraction as opposed to a misdemeanor. At Ridley Defense, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer all of our clients the experience and expertise to get their sentence reduce or their charges dropped, regardless of the seriousness of their offense.

At Ridley Defense, our team of criminal lawyers is dedicated to ensuring that no one infringes upon your right to use marijuana for therapeutic purposes. From Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, L.A. County, and the surrounding area, contact the best medical marijuana lawyers in Southern California. Call our team now.