Case Results

With a deep understanding of the criminal justice system, Attorney Douglas Ridley is more than qualified to take criminal defense charge in the Ventura area. Obtaining diminished charges and significantly more amicable penalties, he is trusted as a reliable legal representative amongst his community. Having been a part of the legal field for 13 years, he is well-acquainted with how the criminal process works. In his time as a Deputy District Attorney, he spent five years looking over cases involving criminal charges and learning how to find evidence to convict guilty parties.

Educated about how the other side of things works, he is prepared to take his skills and use them to your advantage. He has had success obtaining rehabilitation instead of jail time for an individual accused of theft and drug crimes. There are a myriad of other verdicts that he is proud to claim as his own. View some of Attorney Douglas Ridley's most noteworthy case results below.

If you or a loved one is in need of assistance from a Ventura County criminal defense lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact our office today.

County, branchMonth & YearChargesResult
Ventura County, VenturaMay 20181x DUICase Dismissed (Vet Court)
Los Angeles County, Van Nuys & Airport CourtMay 2018 New Attorney Subbed in
Los Angeles County, TorranceMay 2018BurglaryPD took over
Los Angeles County, Antelope ValleyMay 20182nd Degree Burglary - 17b Expungment17b denied, Expungment granted
Los Angeles County, BurbankMay 2018DUI w/ Injury20 days Community Labor, 3 Years Summary probation
Santa Barbara County, Santa BarbaraMay 2018Minor w/ DUIWet reckless, Informal Probation
Ventura County, OxnardApril 2018Speedingreduced fine, traffic school
Ventura County, VenturaApril 2018Child EndangermentRejected
Ventura County, VenturaApril 2018DV
Ventura County, VenturaApril 2018Speeding over 100No License Suspense, Fine
Ventura County, VenturaMarch 20182x DUI30 days EM credit 2
Ventura County, VenturaMarch 20181x DUI10 WR w/ credit for 2
DMVMarch 2018DMV Hearing for Suspension due to Accident/MedicalLicense Reinstated
Ventura CountyMarch 20181x DUI10 Days EM
Ventura County, VenturaMarch 20181x DUICTS
Ventura County, VenturaMarch 2018Grand Theft, plus VOP30 EM +10
Ventura County, VenturaMarch 20181x DUICTS
Ventura County, VenturaMarch 20182x DUI and VOP35 day EM + 10 for VOP
Santa Barbara County, Santa MariaMarch 20181x DUI w/ special allegation dropped10 Work Program
Ventura County, VenturaMarch 20181x DUI10 days SCRAM
LA County, InglewoodMarch 2018SpeedingCase Dismissed
Ventura County, VenturaFebruary 20181st Dui10 days EM
Ventura County, VenturaFebruary 20182X DUI, 14601 & VOP2 WR with credit 1
Ventura County, VenturaFebruary 20181x DUI w/ High BAC and Enhancement for speeding35 +10 , Credit 1, applied for electronic monitoring
Ventura County, VenturaFebruary 2018Driving on Suspended w/ Priors and VOPs30 days on electronic Monitoring
Ventura County, VenturaFebruary 20181st DUI w/ Drug & Hit and Run15 days WR
Ventura County, VenturaFebruary 20181st DUI12 WR
Ventura County, VenturaFebruary 2018VOP for Not Reporting to Probation, Not Completing DUI Program, Not paying fineCredit for Time Served
Ventura County, VenturaFebruary 2018Shoplifting10 days WR
Ventura County, VenturaFebruary 2018Shoplifting240 hrs Community Service
Ventura County, VenturaFebruary 2018DV240 hrs Community Service
Ventura CountyFebruary 20181st DUIRejected, No Charges Files
Ventura County, VenturaFebruary 2018Grand Theft Embezzlement, driving on suspended license4 days WR, Credit 2
Ventura County, VenturaFebruary 20181st DUISubbed OUT
Ventura County, VenturaFebruary 20181st DUI4 days WR, Credit 2
Ventura County, VenturaFebruary 2018Possession of a Loaded Gun in a Vehicle10 Day WR, credit 2
Ventura County, Simi ValleyJanuary 2018Speeding Ticket36 Months Informal Probation, Fine
Ventura County, VenturaJanuary 2018Possession of Child PornReduced Fine and Traffic School
Ventura County, Oxnard JUVENILEJanuary 2018Weapon of School Grounds180 VCJ, 5 years formal Probation
Ventura County, Simi ValleyJanuary 2018Speeding TicketDismissed and Sealed
Ventura County, VenturaJanuary 2018Expungement for Criminal ThreatsFine & Traffic School
Ventura County, OxnardJanuary 2018Minor in Possession of MarijuanaGranted
Ventura County, VenturaJanuary 2018BatteryPled to Disturbing the peace - fine. NO LICENSE SUSPENSION or traffic school
Ventura County, VenturaJanuary 2018DUI w/ High BAC & solo collisionDISMISSED
Ventura County, VenturaJanuary 2018Misd. Public Intoxication8 days WR
Ventura CountyJanuary 20182x DUIDismissed
Ventura County, VenturaJanuary 2018Post Sentencing - Under the influence, shoplifting60 days electronic monitoring
Ventura, Ventura & SimiJanuary 2018DUI - rejected, speeding infractionUnder influence case dismissed, stay jail time vacated.
Los Angeles CountyDecember 2017Batterytraffic school and reduced fines
Ventura CountyDecember 2017Hit & RunNo Charges Filed
Orange, West MinsterDecember 2017Expungment for DUINo Charges Filed
Los Angeles, Van NuysDecember 2017Sexual AbuseGranted
Los Angeles, Van NuysDecember 2017ShopliftingNew Attorney Subbed in
Ventura Count, VenturaNovember 2017Under 21 DUIDismissed - DEJ Program
Ventura County, VenturaNovember 2017Felony Domestic ViolenceCredit for Time Served
Ventura County, VenturaNovember 2017VOP & Out of State MoveCase Rejected
Ventura County, Simi ValleyNovember 2017Infraction Speeding over 100 mphProbation to Informal
Ventura County, VenturaOctober 2017Lewd Act on a ChildDismissed
Ventura County, venturaOctober 2017DUI25 years to Life
Ventura County, VenturaOctober 2017Shoplifting6 days WR
Ventura County, VenturaOctober 2017VOP high BAC at Work releaseCTS
Ventura County, VenturaOctober 2017VOP for alcohol in system at WR5 days VCJ
Ventura County, VenturaSeptember 2017Expungment for DUIgiven additional 10 days custody - got him on electronic monitoring
Los Angeles County, Santa ClaritaSeptember 2017ExpungmentGranted
Ventura county, venturaAugust 2017Misdemeanor AssaultGranted
Ventura County, VenturaAugust 2017DUICTS, 3 years probation
DMVAugust 2017DMV Medical Condition Hearing OnlyNew Attorney Subbed In
Ventura County, VenturaAugust 2017Expungment for Felony evading and battery to peace officerLicense Reinstated
Ventura County, VenturaAugust 2017SolicitationReduced and dismissed
August 2017Expungement2 years probation
Ventura County, VenturaAugust 2017Motion to Reduce Felony Insurance Fraud & expungmentGranted
Ventura County, VenturaJuly 2017Misdemeanor Drunk in PublicGranted
Ventura county, Simi ValleyJuly 2017Minor in PossessionReduced to Infraction, no fine (deem paid by day in custody)
Ventura County, VenturaJuly 2017DUI w/ High BACFine, license suspension
Ventura County, VenturaJuly 20171x DUI with Accident6 days WR, 3 month class, special allegation dropped
Los AngelesJuly 2017Mental Health Court - Warrant5 days Work Release
Ventura County, VenturaJuly 2017DUI w/ high BACCTS (180 days no probation)
Ventura County, VenturaJuly 2017Domestic Violence6 days WR
Ventura County, VenturaJuly 20172x DUI w/ high BAC and AccidentCase Dismissed
Ventura County, VenturaJuly 20171x DUI40 days, Electronic Monitor
Ventura County, VenturaJuly 2017DUI8 days WR
Ventura County, VenturaJuly 2017DUICTS
Ventura County, VenturaMay 20171x DUI w/ Accident5 days Work Release
Ventura County, VenturaMay 20171x DUI8 days WR
Ventura County, VenturaAugust 2017Early Termination of ProbationViolated Probation, and ended up transferring?
Ventura County, VenturaNovember 2017Speeding TicketDismissed
Ventura County, Ventura Felony DUI, Possession of Controlled Substance, DV90 days VCJ, Client No show, relieved as counsel
Ventura County, VenturaDecember 20161x DUI3 days WR credit for 1
Ventura County, VenturaJune 2017Violation of Restraining OrderRejected
Ventura County, VenturaSeptember 20172x DUI w/ High BAC10 days Credit for 4, dismissed priors