Case Results

With a deep understanding of the criminal justice system, Attorney Douglas Ridley is more than qualified to take criminal defense charge in Ventura County, Santa Barbara County and Los Angeles County. Obtaining diminished charges and significantly more amicable penalties, he is trusted as a reliable legal representative amongst his community. Having been a part of the legal field for 20 years, he is well-acquainted with how the criminal process works. In his time as a Deputy District Attorney, he spent five years looking over cases involving criminal charges and learning how to find evidence to convict guilty parties.

Educated about how the other side of things works, he is prepared to take his skills and use them to your advantage. He has had success obtaining rehabilitation instead of jail time for an individual accused of theft and drug crimes. There are a myriad of other verdicts that he is proud to claim as his own. View some of Attorney Douglas Ridley's most noteworthy case results below.

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Month & YearChargesCase Results
September 20181x DUI w/ CollisionNo Jail
September 20181x DUINo Jail
August 2018BatteryNo Jail
July 20181x DuiReduced to Wet Reckless, No Jail
July 2018VandalismDismissed
July 2018Failure to StopFines Reduced
June 2018Expungement Early TerminationExpunged
May 2018Early Termination and ExpungementExpunged
August 2018ExpungementExpunged
June 2018Assault & BatteryDismissed
May 2018Domestic ViolenceDismissed
August 2018BatteryNo Jail
July 2018DUIDismissed
August 2018Assault & BatteryDismissed
August 2018ExpungementExpunged
March 20181x DUINo Jail
March 2018Grand Theft, plus VOPNo Jail
March 20181x DUINo Jail
March 20182x DUI and VOPNo Jail
March 20181x DUI w/ special allegation droppedNo Jail
March 20181x DUINo Jail
March 2018SpeedingDismissed
February 20181st DuiNo Jail
February 20181x DUINo Jail
February 20182X DUI, 14601 & VOPNo Jail
February 20181x DUI w/ High BAC and Enhancement for speedingNo Jail
February 2018Driving on Suspended w/ Priors and VOPsNo Jail
February 20181st DUI w/ Drug & Hit and RunNo Jail
February 20181x DUINo Jail
February 2018VOP for Not Reporting to Probation, Not Completing DUI Program, Not paying fineNo Jail
February 2018ShopliftingNo Jail
February 2018ShopliftingNo Jail
February 2018DVDismissed
February 20181x DUINo Jail
February 2018Grand Theft Embezzlement, driving on suspended license90 Days Jail
February 20181x DUINo Jail
February 20181x DUINo Jail
January 2018Possession of a Loaded Gun in a VehicleNo Jail
January 2018Speeding TicketReduced Fine
January 2018Sex Crime180 Days jail
January 2018Weapon of School GroundsDismissed
January 2018Speeding TicketReduced Fine
January 2018Expungement for Criminal ThreatsExpunged
January 2018Minor in Possession of MarijuanaReduced to Disturbing the Peace, Avoided License Suspension
January 2018BatteryDismissed
January 2018DUI w/ High BAC &solo collisionNo jail
January 2018Misd. Public IntoxicationDismissed
January 20182x DUINo Jail
January 2018Post Sentencing - Under the influence, shoplifting,Dismissed
December 2017DUI - rejected, speeding infractionDismissed
December 2017BatteryDismissed
December 2017Hit & RunDismissed
December 2017Expungement for DUIExpunged
November 2017ShopliftingDismissed
November 2017Under 21 DUINo Jail
November 2017Felony Domestic ViolenceDismissed
November 2017VOP & Out of State MoveReduced to Informal Probation
October 2017Infraction Speeding over 100mphDismissed
October 2017Sex CrimeReduced from 80 years to Life, to 25 years to life
October 2017DUINo Jail
October 2017ShopliftingNo Jail
October 2017VOP high BAC at Work releaseNo Jail
September 2017VOP for alcohol in system at WRNo Jail
September 2017Expungement for DUIExpunged
August 2017ExpungementExpunged
August 2017Misdmeanor AssaultNo Jail
August 2017DMV Medical Condition Hearing OnlyLicense Reinstated
August 2017Expungement for Felony evading and battery to peace officerReduced to Misdemeanor and Expunged
August 2017SolicitationNo Jail
August 2017ExpungementExpunged
July 2017Motion to Reduce Felony Insurance Fraud & ExpungementReduced to Misdemeanor and Expunged
July 2017Misdmeanor Drunk in PublicNo Jail
July 2017Minor in PossessionReduced Fine
July 2017DUI w/ High BACNo Jail
July 20171x DUI with AccidentNo Jail
July 2017Mental Health Court - WarrantCredit for Time Served
July 2017DUI w/ high BACNo Jail
July 2017Domestic ViolenceNo Jail
July 20172x DUI w/ high BAC and AccidentNo Jail
July 20171x DUINo Jail
July 2017DUINo Jail
May 2017DUINo Jail
May 20171x DUI w/ AccidentNo Jail
August 2017Early Termination of ProbationNo Jail
November 2017Speeding TicketDismissed

Felony DUI, Possession of Controlled Substance, DV90 Days
December 20161x DUINo Jail
June 2017Violation of Restraining OrderDismissed
September 20172x DUI w/ High BACNo Jail

Note: No Jail may include instances where client was taken into custody at time of arrest, but was give No Additional Jail time upon resolution of the case in court. Also includes instances where Client completed Work Release or Electronic Monitoring instead of Jail Time.

Dismissed cases include cases that were rejected by DA prior to filing, Dismissed in court, or Dismissed after completion of Deferred Entry of Judgment Program.

These results are not a guarantee for a particular outcome in any other case.