On the Map


Today I have two important items to share with you: A legal update that impacts everybody in CA that drives and owns a smartphone, and an exciting announcement from the Ridley Family.

Drivers Can Now Read Smartphone Maps in CA

Sometimes all it takes is the average fed up citizen to help make a change in the law that effects all of us. The most recent example of this is the case of Steven Spriggs, who fought a $165 cell phone ticket all the way up to the 5th District Court of Appeals. He received the ticket for checking the map on his smart phone while stuck in traffic. He successfully argued that there is no law on the books that states that a person can not use their smart phone as a map while driving. The appeals judges agreed with him stating that the law only prohibits "listening and talking". The result is a decision that will effect every other court case in this area until there is a change in the law. For now it seems that driving and using the map on your smart phone are OK under California Law. You will still have to prove to an officer, and subsequently a judge that you were actually on the map app, but this is a big deal for us all. Speaking of big news, I'd like to share in another announcement about something exciting that is now officially "on the map"!

Introducing Ridley Legal!

Simplifying Complex Business Matters


Many of you know that I am not the only attorney in the Ridley Household. It is with great pride and exuberance that I announce the launch of Ridley Legal! My amazing wife, Rori, has spent the better part of her career as inside counsel for publicly traded corporations helping them in all areas of corporate law. Rori has advised Fortune 500 corporations and small business during growth and crisis. Rori is now available to help you and your clients with family business matters, start ups, and publicly traded business entities.

A few words from Rori...

At Ridley Legal we take the slogan, "Simplifying Complex Business Matters," seriously. We help owners and executives at private and public companies strategize, simplify, and execute legal needs so they can focus on day to day operations. Whether you need to form a corporation, have contracts reviewed or created, have corporate minutes kept up to date, or create corporate policies and procedures, Ridley Legal will keep our services simple and reasonable, and perform them with the expertise that you need. No serious business person wants their corporate attorney to speak in "legalese." We understand business, and more importantly business people. For more on Rori's new practice, visit Ridleylegal.com, Rori's website to serve all of your corporate needs. You can still find Doug and resources for criminal law matters at DUIattorneys-ca.com.

Thank you for sharing in this exciting news. Thank you for your continued trust and the tremendous amount of referrals that you have sent Ridley Defense this year, and if either of us Ridleys can ever be of service, please don't hesitate to call or email. We're here for you.Best Wishes,

Doug Ridley