Can I Fight a Drivers License Suspension


A drivers license suspension in California can be fought by a criminal defense attorney in Ventura County or Los Angeles County courts. The DMV also plays a significant role in the suspension and a good criminal defense attorney knows how to handle both the court case and the administrative case with the DMV.

Most drivers license suspension cases fall under California Vehicle Code section 14601. Many of these offenses can be filed as a misdemeanor or an infraction, depending on why your license was suspended. Common reasons for the suspension can be: too many tickets, failure to pay child support, failure to provide insurance, or getting a DUI. Once you are convicted of driving on a suspended license, if you do it again, the penalties are more severe.

The most important thing we look at on a drivers license suspension case is whether the prosecutor and the DMV can prove that you KNEW your license was suspended. They have to prove that you knowing drove with a suspended license. They can prove this by showing that you were verbally told in court, that you signed a paper showing that you knew it, or that you had previously been convicted. If they cannot prove that you knew your license was suspended, we can usually get the charges dropped to a violation of California Vehicle Code 12500, which is simply driving without a license. This can usually involve a simple infraction and a fine, which then allows you to get your license cleared up and get back to driving safely!