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Posted on Jan 4, 2013 1:24pm PST

Let's face it, getting arrested for a criminal act is possibly one of the most frightening and stressful situations any person can be placed under. Whether it means an arrested for a first time DUI offense, or you have been caught in the middle of a huge internet fraud scam, worrying about the future is just one of your many fears. Not to mention the possibility of having your reputation scared, paying severe fines, or even time behind bars. For this very reason, criminal charges need to be taken very seriously because everything may be at stake. At Ridley defense, we are committed to providing the aggressively legal defense that is needed when a person is facing criminal charges of any kind. If you have been arrested, for whatever reason, do not hesitate in contacting a skilled Ventura criminal defense lawyer at our firm today!

Ridley Defense is professional law firm that has had the opportunity and privilege of helping numerous clients in the area with their criminal charges. Our firm is committed to nothing less than excellence in everything that we do, whether it is the initial consolation, the investigative measures for the case or the trial itself; we put forward all efforts in order to accomplish the desired goals of our clients. With 13 years of legal experience, attorney Douglas H. Ridley believes that every person accused of a crime deserves the opportunity to fight for their freedom, their reputation and their future. Clients who hire our firm can rest assured that they will not be judged by our team, nor will they be viewed as a criminal or just another case number. As a professional and compassionate law firm, we understand that every person deserves the chance to fight for their innocence and whatever the case may be; we want to fight for you! During our years as a firm, we have had the privilege of handling thousands of cases for clients being accused of a variety of criminal charges, whether it is petty theft or a drug crime and everything in between.

Founding attorney, Douglas H. Ridley is a dedicated and skilled individual who has focused in the area of criminal defense for over a decade. During this time he has created effective strategies unique to each client in order to effectively fight their case. He is a skilled litigator and a trial attorney and spent five years serving as a legal prosecutor before realizing his passion lay with criminal defense. When hiring Douglas, you are hiring an attorney with a unique advantage in the court room because he personally understands the approach and tactics used by the prosecutor. Now, as a criminal defender, he is able to implement that knowledge into creating an even stronger defense for his clients. Ridley is a well-known criminal defender in the Ventura community and has a commendable reputation with legal professionals in the area. His is a member of the ProVisors® Professional Network, and here they have acknowledged Mr. Riley for not only his legal skill but also for his integrity and honest approach to whatever he does. Douglas has proudly received an Excellent 8.5 rating from Avvo, a professional peer legal and client review website that rates attorneys on numerous levels. If you would like to read more about Mr. Ridley and his professional and educational credentials, please click on his LinkedIn Profile.

At our firm we have helped clients in many different areas of criminal law including white collar crimes, firearms offenses, violent crimes, DUI charges, third strike offenses and many others. For a more extensive list of our practice areas, please click here. If you are concerned that we do not address the topic for which you have been arrested, do not hesitate in contacting our office to discuss the options! If you have been accused of a criminal act, no matter how small or severe the charges may be, hiring a trusted criminal defense attorney is a very important step to fighting for your future! Whether it is community service, the suspension of your license, large fines or time behind bars, these strikes on your record cannot disappear overnight, if at all. For this very reason, challenging the charges is absolutely essential, and we want to help you do that! Clients who hire our firm can rest assured that they are in capable legal hands and we will do whatever we can to help you fight for your freedom entirely or a significant reduction in the charges placed against you.

You can find more information about our firm on many different websites and local directories including Yelp, HG, Insider Pages, Merchant Circle and Lawyer Central. For those if you living in the Ventura and surrounding community, we would also greatly appreciate your connections on our social media networks. By adding us to your Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter pages, you will have the chance to learn useful pieces of information relating the area of criminal defense and law. This would include what not to do when arrested for a DUI, or more information about the process of criminal defense, etc. You will also be informed of relevant news topics that pertain to cases we find both interesting and informative and we can discuss the ways we can help our clients in similar situations. Whatever you may come across on these sites, our hope is that you are both educated and find the read interesting.

Our Ventura office is located at 3875 Telegraph Road Suite A131 Ventura, CA 93003 and we are proud to say that we also have a Simi Valley office locate at 2655 First Street Suite 250A Simi Valley, CA 93065. If you would like to make an appointment with our office you can fill out a free online case evaluation or you can call our office at 805-208-1866. At Ridley Defense we understand how pressing some criminal accusations may be, and for that very reason we are available for 24 hour , 7 days a week service for client who are in need! If you have been accused of any crime, do not wait another moment before contacting a trusted Ventura criminal defense attorney who will aggressively fight for you!

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