3 Things for a DUI…


The start of December always sees a huge increase in the number of DUI cases filed in our courts. I get calls from good people who have never had a run in with the police who find themselves in a world of hurt. Here's three things to remember if you or your loved one ever gets in trouble:

1. Once you're under arrest, you gotta take a test:

As a condition of your drivers license, you have promised to give a breath or blood test once you have been arrested for a DUI. Any doubt if you are under arrest? Ask! If you don't give a breath or blood test, you will lose your license for one year. Worse yet, they can just get a warrant and take your blood anyway, so there is no reason to refuse after an arrest. Under Arrest? = Take the Test!

2. We only have ten days to demand your DMV hearing:

The first thing that we do once retained is demand a DMV hearing. If you don't demand a hearing within ten days, you will automatically lose your license. Plus, we lose a tactical advantage when we fail to put the DMV on the defensive. When I demand a hearing, it's the only way I can get an advance copy of your police report. You never know what technicalities I might find in your file. I've been reading these reports for over fifteen years now, and I know what to look for. If there is a technical problem with your case that makes it hard for the county to prosecute, I'll find it. This may be our best shot at getting the case dismissed entirely!

3. Everyone does not get the same deal:

A majority of the people who hire me have no defense to the charges. They are 100% guilty. Why do they hire me if they have no defense? My job for them is to first make sure that there truly is no legal defense. But if they are truly guilty, I can make a huge difference for them. Most of my clients would really prefer not going to jail. I can make that happen in most cases with my knowledge of alternative sentencing. Most of my clients like to drive. I can get them back on the road sooner so they can get to work. Most of my clients are stressed out and don’t understand the system. I give them peace of mind and help them through this process, especially when they are 100% guilty. Don’t go it alone; the consequences can be too dire to risk not getting the best deal.

I hope that no one you know never needs this advice during the holiday season. But please share these helpful hints with your friends, even the ones who you think will never need it. Please remember that getting a ride home is the only safe way to avoid a DUI once you’ve been drinking.

Have a safe holiday season!